HDMI Matrix Switcher
Brief Introduction:HDMI matrix switcher can switch multiple HDMI signals from input channels to any output channel, and output channels are independent from each other. Or switching single or multiple video input signals to corresponding output channels, 1 ch input can correspond to multiple outputs. Modular card design, which is convenient for different requirement. HDMI matrix switcher is mainly used in broadcast/TV projects, multimedia meeting room, video wall display, control room, etc.  Feature:Supports a variety of resolutions: 480P,576I,720P,1080P, 1080i, etc.Adopts modular design, with each module 2 or 4, choosing different cases according to user requirements;With the function of cross-switching between input signal and output signal;with program switching, synchronous switching, group switching, timing switching, panoramic switching, scene switching and other switching modes.Supports multiple control modes such as panel buttons, wireless remote control, RS485, RS232 and Ethernet.Through RS485, TCP/IP, it can work with security control platform, alarm host, CCTV camera, etc.With power loss memory function, power failure site protection function, video loss alarm, ESD electrostatic protection;Adopts metal standard industrial cabinet, which can be installed in cabinet and bench.

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